Our Mission

Gold Star Flights
provides travel assistance to the families of the fallen active duty service members so they may visit their Hero's final resting place.

What we do

With the help of our supporters, we will assist with the travel expenses for a Gold Star Family to travel to the final resting place of their loved one.  Those costs may include airfare, transportation and hotel.

What is a Gold Star Family?

A Gold Star Family
is the military terminology for any immediate relatives of U.S. Armed Forces members who died while on Active duty.  These relatives can be parents, spouses, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters or other loved ones.

The strength of our military is our soldiers.  The strength of our soldiers is their families.  No one has given more for this nation than the families of the fallen.  The exact number of Gold Star families is not known.  The National Gold Star Family Registry reports at least 472,045 fallen military members have been registered by relatives.  Since September 11, 2001, there has been 6,916 deaths registered.

This is YOUR opportunity to give back, to the families, of those who gave all.

Thank you for supporting Gold Star Flights.


Aaron Miller
Chairman / FounderGold Star Flights