Airfare$   981
Hotel$   125
Transportation$     60
Food$   100
Airport Parking$     40

Gold Star Flights is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) which was founded by Aaron Miller.

Aaron is currently serving on active duty with the United States Marine Corps.  He has seen the tragedy strike more times than he would like to remember. Aaron felt that this was the least that Americans could do to show the families of the fallen that we remember their sacrifice and loss.

“As serving members in the armed forces, we are from all over the United States.  And we must support each other. We relied on each other, everyday, on and off the battlefield.  After a service member passes, ideally, the family is supported by their local base family. But eventually, that family must move off base to start a new life. Now their friends are not just around the corner.  Their support system becomes disconnected.  They struggle to make ends meet, to find a new home, to raise their children as a single parent.” states Aaron.

Aaron had the opportunity to meet many Gold Star Families at an event last December.  A recurring sentiment that he kept hearing from the Gold Star widows was that many of the Gold Star Children, who were very young when their father was killed in action, now want to visit his final resting place.  But for one reason or another, the family just can’t financially afford the travel expenses.  This lack of financial resources was the seed that grew into Gold Star Flights.

A story which Aaron shares is about a 13 year-old boy who was just a little guy when his father was taken from him. Now that he is older and understands what happened to his dad, he is determined to see his father’s final resting place. This young man told Aaron that this year he was not going to play any sports or go to summer camp so that he and his mom can afford to travel to Arlington National Cemetery.

This did not sit well with Aaron. Why should a kid who has lost his father have to make that kind of choice?  Why must he sacrifice any more in order to go to grieve and say goodbye in his own way?  And why, when all of his friends are out on that field playing, will he have to be up in the stands watching, wishing he could play?

The Gold Star Flights program provides the alternative. Thankfully, there are programs designed to aid vets in their medical needs or help loved ones get to their injured, but there is nothing like our mission to directly honor the fallen after they are laid to rest by allowing their loved ones to grieve in their own way.

Please donate to Gold Star Flights today, to help ensure that these families have the opportunity to say goodbye to their loved one without giving up things such as sports and camp which help them lead a normal life, instead of reminding them again of their loss and sacrifices.

Thank you for supporting Gold Star Flights.

Aaron Miller
Chairman / Founder
Gold Star Flights

The average cost for a Gold Star Family of three to travel to a National Cemetary to visit their loved ones' final resting place

Cost for Gold Star Family with our assistance

President Lincoln’s promise:

“To care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan”

Food$   100
Airport Parking$     40
Total$   140